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Philippe Tremblay
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Philippe Tremblay can be listened to as "background" music, but you can also discover great subtleties in the guitar if you listen closer. Favorite track: Sinking Ships.
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released November 16, 2013

Produced and mixed by Caleb Ingersoll.

Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge.

Marshall McLean (Acoustic Guitar, Baritone Electric, Vocals)
Justin Landis (Bass, Vocals)
Caleb Ingersoll (Drums, Percussion)
Jamie Frost (Pedal Steel)
Fawn Dasovich (Keys, Vocals)
Karli Ingersoll (Vocals)



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Marshall McLean Band Spokane, Washington

The MMBand was born out of the Northwest, and it carries with it the unique sound that is becoming distinct to this part of the country. The four-piece band, based out of Spokane, has brought forth a fresh idea; that one can merge elements of thoughtful songwriting in folk, the driving force of rock, and the melodic accessibility of Americana and carve out a new genre, a kind of NW Americana Rock ... more

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Track Name: Coat of Many Colors
Not quite sure what wound us up but we're spinning now, we've had too much and stars above are hard to find.
When you're broke and you talk too much and you find yourself still in love, don't let her go, she's hard to find.

Oh I am the next best thing around
Losing the coat but not the crown
I am older now than i've ever been
I am closer to you than I was back then
Just hard to find.

When your heroes are dead and your stage lights are dim and you're destined for coincidence, and the dreams you dreamed are hard to find

Into the arms of a world like this, where the plots and knives forever twist, I'm still here, just hard to find.

Oh leave it to chance to let you down
Leave it to time to wear you out
I am older now than i've ever been
I am closer to you than I was back then
Just hard to find.

Oh into the hands of time
Soon I'm barely on your mind
Just hard to find.

Oh I am learning to shut my mouth
Death is the hardest thing around
but we're older now than we've ever been
We are closer now than we were back then
Just hard to find.
Track Name: Sons of Thunder
Oh you're making me nervous, Oh i'm causing a scene, Oh Lord if my hands keep shaking, pass me a tambourine.

Oh sister, tell me what I've gone and done, I was talking about you like i was speaking in tongues, now everyone is quiet, I watch you fold your hands, and these praising arms were reaching, I didn't mean to make you dance.

and now that your face is lighting up, I'd better go now before I say too much.

Oh I'm watching her changing, oh the dove's coming down. Only you can name and rename me, tongue of fire I'm all burned out.

Sons of Thunder nights like these I think it through, these are hard times for dreamers, harder times for you.
and nobody knows this heartache, no one is left to name the curse and these open arms were for healing, didn't mean to make it worse.

and now that your phone is lighting up. You'd better go now before you say too much.

Holy Spirit, first love I never knew, I was talking about you before you even told me, now all the streets are quiet, pass me the smoking gun, you can't have what you're after and still be who you want.

and now that the whiskey's in my blood, I've been talking about you a little too much.
Track Name: Sinking Ships
I've been living out of context, I've been writing that way too.
There was a ship there was an ocean and the other ship was you.
Now I'm standing on the dry land with water in my ears
There's a story i'd have chosen but that one's far from here

Oh, I just smile and I move along
Oh, I keep waving 'til you're really gone
Oh, I am working on the final line
Oh, here it is I wish it wasn't mine

If you cannot be a ship, then be a stone
And if you cannot sink together
Sink alone

The hardest truth is at the bottom, I am finding it out
And when everything is quiet it's the loudest thing around

At the bottom of the ocean, there's a heartbeat in your ears
The music stops with eyes wide open, where do you go from here?

Oh, sinking ships that keep sailing on
Oh, you won't love me 'til i'm really gone
Oh, I am working on the final line
Oh, here it is I wish it wasn't mine

If you cannot be a ship, then be a stone
And if you cannot sink together
Sink alone

Oh, now the ocean finally spits me up
Oh, I am Jonah this is Nineveh
Oh, I am working on the final line
Oh, here it is I wish it wasn't mine

If you cannot be a ship, then be a stone
And if you cannot sink together
Sink alone
Track Name: Nightingale
Oh my dear I know, sometimes the road it doesn't show, but you don't have to know where you're going if you know the way.
Standing on your toes placing plans all up in rows, you walk in between them say that you need them that's just how it goes.

Nightingale she sings over ramblers and kings, placing thoughts in their heads while they're sleeping for when they awake.
Thrones that tower tall, there are things you can't recall. Feelings that flutter, call out to each other and then soon dissolve.

Everyone has plans, building houses with their hands, as even thieves share in common together the things that they steal.
On and on it goes, wills and ways to really know, you hold out your hands to see if she'll land but she never will.
Track Name: Irons in the Fire
I've got a head full of faces a phone full of old names, some bad ideas I can't turn around. I was fighting the good fight I was falling backwards, crashing on floors and hanging out.

Holy Roller, lay your hands on me, i'm feeling older, but I'm not ready to leave. I've got irons in the fire now, she sings when the hammers hum, i've been leaving town for awhile now, she strums my guitar with her thumb and she says:

When the money comes in, when that other door opens, and you'll ask what it is, that's left here to hope in, I'll say...I've got irons in the fire.

You turn on a dime but a quarter would move you, a dollar these days would make you shoot to the sky.
'you're doing fine I've got the radio tuned to you', and she jumps in to harmonize.

Risk Takers, always turning it up, I'll do you a favor, I'll tell you it's not enough, Oh yea it feels like the rapture, out here when you run out of road.
She speeds up, lets the wind whip past her, everything in the air's getting old, and she says:

The sawdust trails I followed led the way like fuse and fire, from the hollers of Ohio, blood to blood; wire to wire, as these angels at my feet, lift me up so I can reach, when that trumpet called for me, I was on to something-all caught-up in these,

Big Talkers, stuck in Tennessee time, Name Droppers, hey whatever it's fine, I've got irons in the fire now, The Spirit and The Bride say come, these days you do what you have to, she plays my guitar like a drum and she says:
Track Name: Giving up the Ghost
Son of Jesse the renegade, sees what day the Lord has made.
Feels the ground fighting back at him, drinks his coffee black as sin.
The spinning sling, the striking stone, giants fall your friends go home
Anoint his head let him watch the news, Son of Jess the phone's for you
You're giving up the ghost.

Son of David your phone is dead, they took your clothes, your friends all left,
The spinning curse, the Stumbling Stone, in the garden all alone.
He needs you Lord like I need a drink, like troubled men need time to think,
Son of David the King of Hearts, facing up he's the wild card,
He's giving up the ghost.

Son of Man here I am, the Lord has made me understand
That when your friends run out and their heels all spin,
I have no stones to throw at them
I've got a lot of heart, but it's not enough, I'll find a way to screw it up
Just raise me up on the last of days, text me when you're on your way
I'm giving up the ghost.
Track Name: Out the Window
Out the window, you see me leaving
Out the window, my face disappears
Honey I know, this sounds confusing
But the same thing that takes me away is what led me right here

Dust devils dancing
Somewhere on the highway
Isn't it strange from a distance how simple the fury becomes?

I put all my love into one place
And I know by now, it's not safe
And out the window it goes

She's wearing a white dress
Somewhere in the evening
A turquoise ring, and her hand on her chin
And I imagine, she's thinking about me
Till a voice speaks up from behind me, and says 'how have you been?'.

Dust devils dancing, her head on my shoulder
Pianos droning the chords of the night, a storm's coming in

We put all our love into one place
And we know by now, that it's not safe
and out the window it goes

Channel the heartache
Funnel the truth
The pain can't reach you they say if you stay on the move
And we're finally moving, as the song starts to change
And I knew all the words by heart that's why I'm walking away,
And out the window it goes.
Track Name: Hard Times
These are hard times, to have hard times and they always come here at the wrong time.
These are hard times, to be reaching out, if you can’t grab ahold its hard to help you out.

I hear their footsteps up above me, hard times
right beside me I feel you wondering, hard times

These are hard times to try and live the dream, to try and reach the ends without being mean
These are hard times to have to find a way, when there’s no more give, left in give and take

from the backseat I heard ‘em whisper, hard times
lots of talkers few listeners, hard times

I woke up on the ground, the taste of money in my mouth, I was born here
So I checked the lost-and-found, found a truth to calm me down, I was born here
In the wrong town, with the wrong name, with the wrong cards, in the wrong game
But I’m quickly catching hard times, to hard times

These are hard times to have to lose you, to be waking up, just like I used to
These are hard times to get to know you, if you didn’t know me then, its hard to show you

From the streets I heard it echo, hard times
Trying to hold on, learning to let go, hard times
Track Name: Ohio
In ‘71 barefoot and young, I had a wandering soul.
I walked alone skipping stones, on River Ohio.
In ‘78 my hands on her waist we swayed like willow trees.
The daylight fades, to her hips she wades, laughs, looks back at me.

Ohio, my heart is buried in Ohio
Ohio, The memories come and go
Ohio, my love is buried in Ohio
Ohio, a river runs through you

The radio drones the Rolling Stones singing ‘Miss You’.
My truck on the side roads of River Ohio, driving fast with you.
The corner was sharp, our sinking hearts, never had time to doubt.
In ‘79, your hand slipped through mine, as the current pulled me out.

These nights get so humid, she asks what i’m doing, I tell her i can’t sleep.
I walk to the kitchen, stand there and listen, sit down and pour a drink.
They say that time runs through your mind just like a riverbed
Some memories run deeper, they pull up the sleeper, the current is overhead.
Track Name: Real Thin Line
She’s tracing the moon with her arm outstretched, with her hand flicks the ash of a dim cigarette.
She says ‘what’s in between the rights and the wrongs?
when the cards the conclusions and curtains are drawn? ‘
its that space between a curse and a prayer, between dying for something and saying who cares.

She breathes in, says ‘I wonder where it comes from. The thin lines between intention and the outcome’, Breath of smoke between hello and goodbye, between falling apart and saying that you’re fine, it's a real thin line.

I laugh at the silence, she smiles at that, with her eyes cuts me out like a sharp silhouette

I said, ‘what's at the end of all our fears?' when the coasts and counters and the checks are all cleared?’

it's that heartbeat between the devil and you, between saying 'I love you' and 'I love you too'.
I breathe in and say ‘i wonder about the outcomes, the thin lines between intention and the outcome

Breath of smoke between hello and goodbye, between falling apart and saying that you’re fine...its a real thin line.

between living and dying, my best and barely trying, I know, its a real thin line.

She quits talking, so do I, it's getting colder, silver light now appearing on her shoulder, breath of smoke, between hello and goodbye, between falling apart and saying that you’re fine. its a real thin line.